This specific version of Rosetta has been tailored for NMDC, NorDataNet and SIOS.

Welcome to Rosetta, a data transformation tool. Rosetta is a web-based service that provides an easy, wizard-based interface for data collectors to transform their datalogger generated ASCII output into Climate and Forecast (CF) compliant netCDF files. These files will contain the metadata describing what data is contained in the file, the instruments used to collect the data, and other critical information that otherwise may be lost in one of many dreaded README files.

In addition, with the understanding that the observational community does appreciate the ease of use of ASCII files, methods for transforming the netCDF back into a user defined CSV or spreadsheet formats is planned to be incorporated into Rosetta.

We hope that Rosetta will be of value to the science community users who have needs for transforming the data they have collected or stored in non-standard formats.

Rosetta is currently under continued further development, and ready for beta testing.

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Rosetta User Manual

Version : 1.1.6-NERSC
Build Date: 2024-06-28